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Pedestrian Safety

Over the last 5 years, 169 pedestrians were killed or injured in the City of Rockdale. Most of these pedestrians were 60 years of age or older. Injuries to people in this age group are usually more serious than for younger people.

Most pedestrian crashes occurred at two busy locations: Princes Highway and Bay Street, Rockdale and Bay Street and The Grande Parade, Brighton Le Sands.

Safety tips for pedestrians and motorised wheelchair users:

  • Always use pedestrian crossings when available - even if you have to walk a little further
  • Never assume that an approaching driver can see you - their vision may be affected by the sun, poor light or parked cars
  • Help drivers see you by wearing light coloured clothing, especially at night and in rainy weather
  • Wait until all vehicles have stopped before you start to cross the road
  • At intersections, check for turning vehicles before you leave the kerb and while you are crossing the road
  • Can you cross in time? If there is any doubt, wait until the next gap in traffic
  • Look out for vehicles that are entering or leaving driveways
  • Motorised wheel chairs users must travel at no more than 10 km/h and should keep to the left on the footpath
  • If there is no footpath and you must walk or ride on the road side, face oncoming traffic wherever possible
  • Where possible, plan your trips outside of peak hours

If you would like further information on pedestrian safety, please contact Council's Road Safety Officer, Sue Watson on 9562 1701.
An initiative of the Local Government Road Safety Program

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