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Occupant Restraints

Seatbelts save lives and reduce injuries in crashes. During a collision, seatbelts prevent you and your passengers from being thrown around in the car or out of the car. Seatbelts also protect passengers from hitting other occupants. In the event of a crash, a seatbelt slows your body down and puts the crash forces on the stronger parts of your body.

You are much more likely to be killed or seriously injured in a crash if you do not wear a seatbelt.

Drivers are responsible for all passengers being properly restrained in a seatbelt or approved child restraint. There are fines and demerit points for a driver who is not wearing a seatbelt or who fails to ensure that passengers use seatbelts where available.

Free Restraint Checking Days

Rockdale City Council also runs free child restraint checking days during the year as part of our Road Safety Program. Please call our Road Safety Officer on 9562 1701 or email to make a booking.

The next free child restraint checking day(s) will be:

  • TBA

Child Restraints

Child restraints provide excellent protection:

  • Always use an approved child restraint exactly as the manufacturer recommends
  • Never put the seatbelt around both yourself and a child on your lap. The child could be easily crushed even during heavy braking
  • Don't carry your child in your arms. In a crash the child can be crushed, thrown around the vehicle interior, or out of the vehicle
  • Children should be in restraints that are suitable for their weight and age. Refer to the manufacturer's instructions
  • Children should be given priority for available seatbelts

Council recently created a video entitled "Child Restraints: What You Need To Know" which can be seen online about the importance of child restraints.

Useful Links on Child Restraints

Look at the RMS's guide to buying and using child restraints including baby capsules, child seats and booster seats.

A new website has been launched to help parents choose, fit and correctly use the best restraints so their children can travel safely at all times.

The RMS Centre for Road Safety worked with Kidsafe NSW to develop 'Seat me Safely', an innovative way of providing easy to understand yet comprehensive information on preventing injuries.

This resource gives parents and carers a visual representation of the type of child restraints they need to fit and a comprehensive guide on how to fit them. 'Seat me Safely' allows parents and carers to select from four buttons depending on their child’s age - from birth to seven years and above.

Selecting a button gives a wealth of information, including an overview on how to correctly fit different types of child restraints, features of each restraint, general safety tips and a diagram showing the best place to site the restraint in a car. Further information on any other aspects of child passenger safety are found on the RMS website or by calling the RMS on 13 22 13, or Kidsafe NSW on 9845 0890.

Location of authorised restraint fitting stations around NSW

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