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Road Safety Around Schools

Children are vulnerable road users. Their physical size and developmental limitations place them at risk in the traffic environment.

Drivers are less likely to be able to see a small child and it is harder for children to see oncoming traffic. Their lack of road experience means it is difficult for children to judge dangerous situations. Children's safety to and from school is an important road safety issue.

Walk Safely to School Day - 7 May 2010

Slow down to 40km/h in School Zones


Parking Safely Around Schools

When it comes to children's safety, Council makes no apologies issuing fines to drivers who break the law around school zones. Parents/carers caught endangering a child by parking illegally in a school zone will be fined.

Council's Regulation Officers enforce parking restrictions around schools on a rotation roster system throughout the school year.

Always obey the parking signs around schools. They have been designed to keep your children safe.

Double parking at any time is illegal and is particularly dangerous around schools. It reduces visibility and blocks the road for other motorists. Children stepping on to the road to get into a car which is double parked are not visible to other motorists.

Allow enough time to get your children to the school gate safely without rushing.

Your child should always use the safety door to get in and out of the car. The safety door is the rear passenger side door that opens to the kerb side.

Until they are 8 years old, you should always hold a child's hand when crossing the road, in the carpark and when you are on the footpath.

For more information on road safety around schools, contact Council's Road Safety Officer on 9562 1701.

Regulatory Signs Around Schools

No Stopping

You cannot stop on a length of road which a No Stopping sign applies for any reason

No Parking

You can stop in a No Parking zone for a maximum of 2 minutes to drop off or pick up passengers or goods. You must stay within 3 metres of your vehicle at all time. Even if you stay in your vehicle you are limited to a maximum of 2 minutes in the zone.

Parking Signs

Parking signs with the specified time limits allow drivers to park their vehicles for a certain period of time, eg 5 minute parking.

Bus zone

You must not stop or park in a bus zone at any time.

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