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In NSW speeding is a factor in about 40 per cent of road deaths each year.
In 2006 there were no fatalities in the City of Rockdale, however, speeding continues to be the number one contributing factor of all injury crashes within Rockdale and across NSW. 

50 Km/h limit sign

50km/h Default Urban Speed Limit

Since 1 November 2003, the default urban speed limit in NSW is 50km/h. This replaces the previous default urban speed limit of 60km/h. The speed limit of 50km/h applies as soon as you turn off a road signposted at 60km/h or higher onto any road without a speed sign.

Road safety research shows that reducing the speed limit reduces the number of crashes and serious injuries that occur on our roads. This is especially true for the more vulnerable road users including pedestrians, cyclists, children and the elderly.

Speeding - No One Thinks Big of YouSpeeding - No One Thinks Big of You

In NSW, speeding is a factor in about 40 per cent of road deaths each year. This means more than 200 people die each year in NSW because of speeding. When you combine this frightening statistic with the 4000 people who are injured each year on our roads, it becomes very apparent that speeding is simply not acceptable.

In the City of Rockdale a total of 70 car accidents in 2007 were directly speed related. Council is urging motorists to slow down.

As part of its Road Safety Strategic Plan, Council has been working with the RMS to help drive home the anti-speeding message. During the month of January 2009, a number of bus shelters around the City of Rockdale will be displaying the RMS's logo, "Speeding - No One Thinks Big of You".

For more information on this campaign, contact Council’s Road Safety Officer on 9562 1701 or email

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