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Rockdale Traffic Committee

The following information describes the function and operation of the Rockdale Traffic Committee.

Membership and our Mission and Values for the Rockdale Traffic Committee

Local Road System - Traffic Management - Road Environment - Road Safety

Voting Members:
Rockdale City Council Representative, The Roads and Maritime Services, the Police (St George Local Area Command), the State Member for Rockdale (or representative), the State Member for Kogarah (or representative)

Non-voting Members:
The State Transit Authority, St George Cabs Cooperative Ltd, Veolia Transport, Punchbowl Bus, and St George Bicycle Group Users, RCC - Manager - Technical Services, RCC - Traffic & Road Safety Coordinator, RCC - Traffic Committee Clerk.

Our Mission
Our main purpose is to provide efficient, effective, economic and sensible Local Government to foster a cohesive, caring and environmentally conscious community. Our works and services are directed at improving the quality of life of those who live and work in and obtain social, cultural and recreational enjoyment from the area. Our future Rockdale is an area blending business, residential and recreational opportunities with balanced environmental protection and enhancement.

Our Values
In everything we do, we will always:

  • Continually assess the needs of our customers and respond to them.
  • Seek to improve the quality of our works and services.
  • Be an open and accessible organisation to our staff and our community.
  • Be fair and equitable in our actions and decisions.
  • Encourage teamwork and co-operation within the organisation and with other organisations.
  • Encourage the use of new approaches which can improve our works & services and our decision making.
  • Seek to preserve and enhance our environment.
  • Instil pride in our organisation and our community.

Local Traffic Committee
The Rockdale Local Traffic Committee is constituted in accordance with a resolution of the Council and under the provisions of the Transport Administration Act, 1988. Voting rights on the Committee lie with the Council, Police Service, Roads and Maritime Services representatives and the Local Members.

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