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OH&S Policy for Suppliers

Rockdale Council's OH&S Policy

Rockdale City Council is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of all employees, contractors and others who may be affected by our services.

In the belief that all workplace accidents are preventable, Rockdale City Council will ensure that risks to health and safety are managed efficiently and effectively. We are committed to implementing a systematic Risk Management approach to Occupational Health and Safety based on the continual improvement of our OHS practices and performance to ensure the prevention of incidents and injuries . This involves identification, assessment and control of workplace hazards to ensure risks are reduced or eliminated.

Management of Occupational Health and Safety within Rockdale City Council is as important and integral to the business as the management of Quality, Environment and Customer Service. All contribute to the continued success of Rockdale City Council. Therefore, we will strive to integrate health & safety into all facets of our business plan.

Principals on which our policy is based are as follows:

  • A commitment to continually improve our systems through reviewing, monitoring and auditing work practices of employees, suppliers and contractors on work sites to ensure we are complying with all legislative requirements related to OH&S

  • Ensuring systems are in place to facilitate effective consultation regarding OH&S issues

  • Ensuring OH&S is incorporated into all planning documents including the Management Plan

  • Incorporate OH&S into performance agreements where appropriate

  • When providing service on a client’s premises, ensure work practices do not put at risk the health, safety and welfare of the client, public or employee

  • Ensuring an effective system is in place to facilitate hazard identification, risk assessment and control

  • Encouraging the reporting of all injuries and near misses and ensuring effective investigation and corrective action is carried out

  • Ensuring OH&S is an agenda item at all management and team meetings

  • We will establish objectives & targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at the elimination of work related injury and illness

  • Providing adequate training, information and instruction regarding safe work practices

  • Effectively promoting and communicating OH&S matters including staff responsibilities and accountabilities

Members of the TLC are responsible for compliance with the relevant laws and regulations, and providing safe systems of work.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring the development, review, and consultation of Safe Work Method Statements and Safe places of work.

Employees are encouraged to recognise environmental issues within the workplace and are responsible for following safe work procedures, reporting hazards and assisting with health & safety improvements.

Our OH&S Policy is available to all interested parties and can be located on the Rockdale City Council intranet, notice boards, front foyer: Depot & Admin Building, Nursery and all Council Operational Buildings. This policy shall be reviewed annually by the General Manager and the OH&S Committee.

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